Continuous innovation helps us build a better future

Creativity, opportunity, courage, and execution are all needed for innovation. It also necessitates teamwork and a future-oriented construction strategy. We enjoy this part of innovation because it allows us to develop unique solutions, create value for customers, and drive new opportunities.

We deliver high-quality outcomes on strict deadlines while ensuring everyone’s safety. We focus on emerging technologies to improve project reporting, collaboration, and communications, and to leverage data analytics, quality control, and risk management. We promote coordinated design testing, optimization,, and constructability, as well as streamline commissioning and retention processes.

From award-winning digital dashboards to BIM turnover models, virtual collaboration, and our smart construction platform, Cityscape is firmly at the forefront of construction innovation. We bring the full power of tested technologies to maximize schedule and cost savings for our clients.

Innovation in Building Construction

We use the latest technology, workflows, and practices as an innovative solution provider to allow early and accurate decision making, cost and schedule certainty, and high-quality building. To ensure mutual success, these innovations improve collaboration between ourselves, subcontractors, and designers.

Innovation in Structural and Civil Drawings

Our architecture division focuses on innovation and technologies that enhance efficiency and provides smoother cost-effective infrastructure designs, whether it's using photogrammetry to better understand infrastructure and services or building 3D models to predict structural clashes.

Vast Collective Knowledge

We have been self-performing our jobs for decades, and in that period, we've amassed substantial collective knowledge. For each finished project, we learned, uncovered efficiencies, gained best practices, and discovered new approaches. A significant number of these advancements have prompted the introduction of an application-based product suite, which we bring to our clients as personalized solutions.

Digital Pull Planning Processes

Digital pull planning improves project team coordination by collecting project details and providing real-time access to trade partner commitments and the pull planning process. Data obtained and analyzed include the percentage of work completed as expected, the factors for inconsistency, and constraint management.